Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas Break - Legoland

We spent Sunday relaxing and shopping. This was Wesley inside Van Heusen. He put on the jacket and said, "Look I'm a pastor!" 

We spent Monday at Legoland and just had a really nice relaxing time just hanging out together in one of the boys' favorite places. 

Davis really has the hang of driving the cars now and get around the track; if everyone else would stay out of his way it would be perfect! 

Baba and the boys raced against other families in this emergency vehicle. They were in the far back lane and fought the fire from their fire truck. 

We stopped in Davenport on the way back to our hotel and had dessert at the Twistee Treat. Can't wait for them to open the new one we have back home in Ocala. 

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