Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Our Christmas Celebration

After some wonderful Christmas Eve services at both churches, we loaded up the family and headed to Seffner for Christmas. We had to scurry to get the boys into bed before Santa arrived; they were watching his progress on the NORAD website. They wore their new Christmas pajamas from Uncle David and Aunt Barbara and left cookies and milk out for Santa Claus. Then the elves got to work putting out all the presents for 12 people for Christmas morning. 

The boys woke up to discover their stockings by the fireplace had been filled and had fun checking out their loot.





When Daniel's family came up, we had breakfast and took a few pictures before Granddaddy handed out all the presents. 


Someone understood the whole Christmas deal this year with presents and was anxious to get some to open. 










Cousin exchange of gifts
 All the excitement wore this one out by the time lunch rolled around. 


After lunch there was a spirited game of dodgeball in the backyard; cousins vs. cousins. That is to say most of the Davis grandchildren (plus a few spouses) against five of the Davis great-grandchildren. The grownups won something like 20 matches but the kids were adamant about not having any grownups on their team!





We finished out our day with naps and some time spent watching the Dr. Who Christmas special on TV. It turned out to be a very nice Christmas celebration indeed.  

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