Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas Break in Orlando

First word of advice: never use a new travel service website at Christmastime for a hotel in Orlando. That's right we had a reservation and showed up at our original hotel at 8:30pm on December 26th and were told that there had been a mixup and we did NOT have a room. When we called to resolve it, they wanted to put us up in a hotel in Dade City instead; eventually they offered us a hotel in Orlando that would be much more expensive plus would charge for parking and internet. So, we do not recommend It took 90 minutes on the phone but we eventually got a full refund. Meanwhile Daryl  used his phone to find us another hotel in Orlando running a Florida Resident Special. We ended up at the Nickelodeon Suites Hotel. All the rooms there were 2 bedroom suites for families.



In their main building, we ate a couple of mornings at the Breakfast Buffet. 



The view of our building from the parking lot and then the view the boys loved most - of the water slides just outside our hotel room door. 


We spent three evenings down at the pool for a little swimming time and on New Year's Eve the slides were open later so the big boys finally got their chance! 



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