Thursday, April 30, 2015

STEM Night at SOE

Wednesday night was STEM Night at South Ocala - STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Both boys had group science projects on display and the Orlando Science Center had provided things for 15 different hands on STEM stations throughout the cafeteria for the kids to experience.

Wesley's class built a potato "safe house"

Parker's group worked on a sustainable community - he designed the electrical circuits.

The FFA teacher had three newly hatched baby chicks out for the kids to see.

The boys had fun wandering around some of the different stations. This station was programming a robot to move around in segments on the floor. 

This station was all about how scabs help protect new skin growth and they got fake scabs put on (with cocoa powder and vaseline and food coloring)

This was an estimating station.

Also on the windows of the cafeteria were stars for the kids in each grade that have reached their AR goals. Both Parker and Wesley had their names on stars.

So glad we went to see the boys' projects and have a little fun exploring!

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