Thursday, August 6, 2015

Surrogate Family

Sunday we were visited at church by Miss Rael, her boyfriend Keenan, her mom Leslie and Leslie's boyfriend Brian. Rael has been our surrogate daughter/big sister to the boys for many years since we met at Faith UMC in Hudson. Rael has been attending Hamline University in St. Paul Minnesota for the last few years and Keenan attends there too. He plays safety on the football team. They've been dating for a while but this was our first chance to meet him. After worship we went for lunch to Osaka in Leesburg; Keenan had never eaten hibachi before. 

We came back to the house and gave everyone the grand tour. But most of our time was spent in Daryl's man cave - playing video games and talking while watching movies together. Keenan received the little brother seal of approval for his video game skills and the fact that he let the boys (mostly Davis) crawl all over him like a jungle gym. 

So glad to be able to spend some time with our girl. She graduates early from Hamline in January and will be looking for a "big girl" job up in Minnesota. 

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