Saturday, November 7, 2015

Busy Busy Saturday

Saturday morning started off with Wesley and Mama in the Villages at 8am, dropping off bags for "Scouting for Food." We walked these eight streets totaling approximately two hundred patio homes for two hours. We have to go back next Saturday to pickup the bags with food .

Meanwhile Baba had Parker and Davis at Carver Middle School for Parker's first Robotics tournament. Registration started at 8am and the matches got underway at 9am. There were 33 different teams competing and 132 one-minute matches on four different fields. Each team competed 8 times. Wesley and Mama missed his first match but got there by 11am in time to see the rest. 

Parker's team finished in 20th place, just a few spaces out from the top 16 that went onto the finals. We were very proud of them. They had an issue with the basket on the front of their robot at the beginning but were able to overcome it in some later matches. The scoring for the matches included: 1 point for every ball you knocked off the ramp, 1 point for every ball thrown over the "fence", 3 points for every ball into the blue basket, and 10 points if both robots were parked on the empty ramp before the time was up. We stayed to watch the final matches because some of Wesley's friends from Fruitland Park Elementary were competing, so we didn't leave up 4:30pm. 

How did the brothers entertain themselves? Wesley hung out with his friends and Davis played with cars and then got a workout climbing up and down the bleachers! 

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