Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Inside and Out

One of the fun experiences of moving is trying to figure out how to make your Christmas decorations work - inside and outside - with a new layout. We are so thankful that this house is definitely made for decorating! 

Daryl had a fun time decorating the outside. It wasn't quite Griswold Christmas Vacation but it might have been close. He had most of our old lights up only to discover that some wouldn't light and we didn't have enough. It's been enough years that no one sells the kinds of multicolored icicle lights we had anymore. So new lights for outside were procured after multiple trips around town. And a new Star Wars decoration made its way onto our lawn. 

Inside we tried to go simple. I think half my decorations are still in boxes in the garage. But what we have up and spread around looks so nice. I made the new topiary for the front door.

Our family tree that the boys decorated.

All decorations from my mom and Daryl's grandma.

Fun Disney tree and more.

Santa collection

Even some Winnie the Pooh

Our Advent wreath went over the bench where the boys layout their school clothes and store their backpacks. 

Improvising without a fireplace we found this great hall tree to hold all of our stockings.

Daryl's side table with hints of Bugs Bunny.

Mom's sleigh to hold Christmas cards and my friend Winnie The Pooh on my table.

The dining room up front is where we are displaying all of the nativities in our collection. 

The one on the right was my mom's; made by her older brother Albert. 

The nativities on the top shelf were all made by Grandmommy. 

Most of the white and gold ornaments on this tree are mice made by Grandmommy for Parker, Wesley and Davis and even Daryl growing up. 

A house definitely feels like a home when it is all decorated for the seasons and we are loving how this one turned out for the Christmas season! 

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