Monday, December 14, 2015

Soarin' Over Leesburg

Saturday morning Wesley and Mama began the day at the Leesburg Airport for a Cub Scout field trip. We met up with a group of pilots from the EAA who work with the Young Eagles program. Their goal is to help cultivate a love of aviation from a young age. Every Cub Scout got to go up in the air for a 25-30 minute flight around town. Mama was fortunate to be included in the flight also. Our pilot was Jim Waymire who has worked with EAA for years and has completed over 100 Young Eagles missions. He gave us a very smooth flight and even let Wesley take the controls for a while! Wesley had a super awesome time! It was really cool to see over Lake Harris, Lake Griffin, south Leesburg and the Villages. Every Young Eagle received a certificate, a log book of their flight and also a certificate good for a online ground school that if completed means a free hour of flight instruction! 

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