Sunday, December 13, 2015

Hometown Christmas

Fruitland Park is a small town and our church is right on the edge of "downtown" - a block north of City Hall. We have certainly been enjoying how our small town celebrates the season. A few weeks ago, large snowflake lights went up on a few of the downtown streets including College Avenue alongside the church. 

There was also a few houses that signed up to be on a holiday lights tour and we got a ballot from the recreation department and drove around to check them out and vote. Ballots were turned back in at City Hall in the utility payment box. 

Friday night was our first experience of the Hometown Christmas celebration on the lawn of City Hall. There were decorations and bounce houses, dancers on stage, some carnival games, a chance to meet Santa Claus, some pony rides, free food and a huge bonfire. And only in a small town like ours can City Hall put a nativity on the front lawn next to the town Christmas tree. 

After we got down celebrating in Fruitland Park we drove down into Leesburg to visit the Venetian Gardens park and their light display. It was neat to wander through the park and see all the lights on the lawn and in the trees blinking in time to Christmas music. 

Finally as we headed home we went past City Hall on Main Street in downtown Leesburg and saw their town tree all decorated up. It was a great way to celebrate the season and enjoy the festivities in our new "Hometown." 

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