Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Chinese New Year - Year of the Monkey

This is probably my favorite picture of our three boys, taken at Sholom Park in Ocala just a few weeks after we came home from China. They are wearing their Chinese silks that we bought to wear in celebration for Chinese holidays. 

This was Daryl and Davis and I at school today in our silks to celebrate Chinese New Year with Davis' kindergarten class. 

Chinese New Year was officially Monday - and it kicked off the year of the Monkey. 

Davis' teacher Mrs Bishop read a book to the kids about Chinese New Year and they even watched a video about the holiday before we arrived in class.

We brought in some mementos and art from our time in China, as well as some of the decorations we put up in our house for Chinese New Year and talked with them about adopting Davis and how we celebrate this special holiday as a family.

Then the kids made these cool dragon hand puppets out of paper bags and also did a coloring sheet about the year of the Monkey. While they were working on their crafts, Daryl and I brought a few kids at a time to a table where we showed them how to use chopsticks and let them try dumplings.

The kids raced each other to see how many mini marshmellows they could pick up with their chopsticks - and we had the cool angry bird chopsticks with the training hinges. 

We finished up our time in class by handing out Year of the Monkey stickers to every child and also 
red envelopes. This is a tradition where the elders give red envelopes with money inside to the children to celebrate the holiday. Uncle Nam and Uncle Kelly did this last year with the boys when they came to visit. Davis was thrilled to pass out the red envelopes from our family - and the kids were excited to find $1 inside. 

It was so neat to be able to go and celebrate this holiday with Davis with all of his friends in class!

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