Saturday, March 12, 2016

Junior Athletic Games Champion

We spent Saturday morning at Leesburg High School for the Leesburg Police's Junior Athletic Games (JAG). Five different elementary schools participating, sending first through fifth graders to compete in six different events - soccer kick, football throw, softball throw, long jump, 50 yard dash and the 100 yard dash. Wesley had been selected by his PE coach to represent his school in the 50 yard dash. Several other children from our church were there also representing Fruitland Park Elementary as well as the Villages Charter School. All the field events were first before getting to the running events. They divided up the kids by grade and so Wesley ran against 4 other 2nd grade boys in his race. 

Wesley was in the 2nd lane from the field. 

Here's a video of his run. 

And here's a video of the awards ceremony. Wesley placed first! 

We're so proud of our champion Wesley! 

Here's some of our other church friends with Davis. Two of the girls here won medals for soccer kick and the 100 yard dash. Fruitland Park Elementary ended up winning the most medals and the overall trophy  for the event! 

Four families ended up going out to lunch afterwards at McAllister's Deli in the Villages. Between us there were 8 adults and 10 kids, ranging from kindergarten to 7th grade. We let the kids all sit together and they were so well behaved! It turned out to be a very nice day all around. 

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