Friday, March 25, 2016

Palm Sunday Celebrations

Palm Sunday was fun at Community UMC. We had 1,170 in worship at three services. The kids brought in palms at the 9:30 service and walked them around and then laid them in front of the altar. They also came back at the 11am service to process in with the choir and everyone had palms to wave around there! 

Sunday night the youth group had a special experiential gathering focusing on Holy Week. And our family attended the Passover Seder for the Connect pre-teens. All of our boys had fun tasting the different items on their plate - and they all decided that they didn't like the horseradish. They made up for it with extra pieces of lamb later! At the end Daryl and I led the kids and parents in the communion liturgy and everyone served each other communion around the tables. Wesley got to serve his big brother. 

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