Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wesley's Wonderful Weekend

Saturday morning we spent at the ViaPort mall in Leesburg for the District Pinewood Derby with Wesley. They had a great wooden track and it was a very well-organized and well-run event. 

The kickoff was the pledge of allegiance and then a parade of flags around the mall.

Learning all the rules. It was a point elimination race - once you scored 8 points you were eliminated.  In each race, first place received 0 points, second place received 1 point, third place received 2 points and fourth place received 3 points. 

During one of the breaks in between heats, the boys got to have their picture taken with Congressman Webster who stopped by. 

Wesley's car did awesome!!! He was the second to last car to be eliminated and so he placed second overall in the district derby! He was also the highest Wolf to place (the first and third place car belonged to Webelos). 

Getting ready for the awards ceremony. 

Receiving his second place trophy, certificates and participant ribbon. 

After his awesome showing we went and had some lunch and then went home to have him change clothes and pickup his camping gear. Wesley got to go camping for only the second time and the first time without us at a place in Weirsdale called Cottom's Farm. When we left, he was headed down to the lake with his buddies and his fishing gear. This campout was the last of the requirements he needed to move up to Bear at the Blue and Gold banquet next month. 

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