Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Fruitland Park Day

Saturday was the big Fruitland Park Day heritage celebration which included a parade and block party. All three of our boys participated in the parade - Parker with the middle school band, Wesley with Cub Scouts and Davis with the church VBS float. 

Getting lined up and practicing at the fields by the town water tower. 

After dropping the munckins off, Daryl and I went home to get the dog and walked a couple of blocks over to the parade route for a spot to watch. It turned out to be a really nice parade that took about 30 minutes. 

Wesley and his Cub Scout Pack from the church.

Twirlers from the Villages!

The Carver Middle School Band

Our friends the Weavers were with the Twirling Academy.

The church VBS float - Davis was a cave explorer and got to throw candy to the crowd.

One of our church members is running for School Board!

Ladies from our church setup on the corner to hand out free water and sodas to the parade participants after they were done!

Picking up our band kid from the elementary school lot.

This is Parker and his friend Bellamy from church. They're both in 6th grade band.

Those instruments that Parker and Bellamy play? They used to belong to these guys here back in high school. Here's Mike and Daryl trying to recapture their band experience.

We spent a little bit of time over at the block party by City Hall, especially hanging out on all the free inflatables that were set up there.

Turns out that our church float won first prize for Best Church or Religious Group!

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