Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Family Vacation - Part One

Our great road trip to the mountains started off at 3pm on Father's Day after a full day of worship. We stopped in Georgia for dinner and found an old throwback favorite restaurant - Fazoli's! We used to eat at Fazoli's a lot when we lived in Kentucky. It was neat to share that experience with the boys. 

We finally arrived in Sapphire Valley, North Carolina at our resort at 12:30am Monday morning. The town is super tiny and our late check-in happened at the police station! We stayed in the Foxhunt Townhouses and our condo was really, really nice. It was a three-level unit, with the boys' bedroom and bathroom on the middle floor, the master suite on the bottom floor (with its own small deck!) and the living room, dining room, kitchen and large deck on the top floor. It's probably one of the most spacious timeshare units we have ever had with tons of closet and dresser space. 

We took the time to unload and unpack the car before crashing into bed, knowing we could sleep in the next morning! In the morning we got to see the views from the main deck and what the outside of our unit actually looked like. So pretty and relaxing.......

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