Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Family Vacation - Part Two

When we finally got moving on Monday, we decided to take a tour of the resort's amenities. The health center had two outdoor pools, indoor pool and saunas, game room and arcade, gym, and putt-putt golf. We ended up playing ping-pong and putt-putt for a while. 

Then we ventured to the next town over to get some groceries for dinner and some snacks. The boys loved this Ingles grocery store and Mama loved the Starbucks inside! 

Then we walked around Meadow Lake by our townhouse and the boys tried to make friends with the gaggle of geese. Loved these views!

For dinner we headed up to the community center for some homemade BBQ. It was fantastic! 

Out behind the community center was the ski lift - this resort is usually full up in the winter for skiing and snow sports. 

We worked off some dinner outside on the playground/sports fields/jogging track. 

Then we followed the River Walk for a while....

Our last stop was Fairfield Lake at our boat dock for Bald Mountain to watch the sun go down. The boys thought it would be fun to see how their voices would echo against the mountain. 

A little TV time and screen time before baths.....

And then a dance party broke out in our living room! It was an awesome way to end our day! 

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