Friday, July 1, 2016

Family Vacation - Part Four

The next day of vacation we spent time trying out a new sport...Footgolf. Footgolf is played on a nine-hole executive golf course. You use the same tee, but kick with a soccer ball. There is a different hole on the same green, but it's 21 inches across to accommodate the soccer ball. Each person gets their own soccer ball to play. You start off and then after everyone takes a turn, the person who is furthest away from the tee goes next and so on until everyone finished the hole. It was a blast! Everyone enjoyed it and was able to play, including Davis. And of the course the beautiful scenery didn't hurt! 

After some water and snacks, we drove out to a trout farm in the nearby town of Rosman to do some fishing. I went trout fishing with my family on a vacation to North Carolina 30 years ago and it was very memorable. All five of us fished for a couple of hours and between Daryl and Wesley we caught three rainbow trout that weighed in at a total of 5 pounds, 7 ounces. 

We didn't have to pay to fish or to use their equipment and they even provided bait. We just paid per pound for the fish that we caught. The owner cleaned it for free and for $1 a fish, she filleted it for us as well and put it on ice. We drove back home and started making dinner! 

Parker needed to cook a fish as the last requirement for a fishing merit badge for Boy Scouts. We took pictures all throughout the process as Parker baked the rainbow trout for dinner. Wesley made the mashed potatoes and stuffing as side dishes. Together Parker and Wesley made brownies also. And then we enjoyed a lovely dinner out on our back porch with a nice view of the woods. The fish was absolutely delicious!!!!

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