Thursday, June 30, 2016

Family Vacation - Part Three

Tuesday we drove over to Brevard North Carolina to go into the Pisgah National Forest. Most of the land for this National Park (86,000 acres) was sold to the US from the Vanderbilt family. Our first stop was right alongside the road - Looking Glass Falls. We just had to walk down this long staircase. Lots of people were cooling off in the water at the bottom - it was SO hot this day. 

Our second stop was at Sliding Rock. This natural rock formation creates a waterfall with ice cold spring water  (about 50 degrees) that flows into a natural pool about 7-8 feet deep. It only cost us $8.00 to park our car (we had to wait for a spot to open up in the lot) and we could stay as long as we wanted to explore. Lots of people had the same idea to beat the heat as you can tell by the crowds! But the lifeguards kept the line moving and it was lots of fun! 

We all went down Sliding Rock multiple times; even Davis! He balked at first and we had to go down the shallow side the first time. Eventually he decided to go down the main section sitting on Mama's lap with Baba going first to "catch" us. Here's a couple of videos of the big boys: 

In between runs down the rock, the kids had fun exploring the shallow water and rocks just outside the pool. 

We changed out of our wet stuff and headed to our next stop - hiking to Moore Cove Falls. These falls were tucked away from the road and it was a 3/4 mile hike each way. 

The boys loved that you could get right down there with the falls and even go behind the water.

Dinner back at the condo that night was two different kinds of soup and the boys made grilled cheese sandwiches (with ham inside too). 

Since they had not gotten enough water for the day, we headed up to the indoor heated pool to finish off the day with a little bit of swimming time!

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