Sunday, August 7, 2016

Enjoying our Beach Time

The beach this year was a delightful mix of sun, sand, surf, good food and family. 

After starting on the sand, there was pool time. Davis didn't really want anything to do with the pool on the first day and then on day two it all clicked and he swam like a fish for the rest of the week. The older brothers made friends with other kids in the complex and invented all kinds of fun pool games to keep themselves entertained. 

We made some good stops for dinners and snacks. Big Olaf's is always a hit for ice cream and well worth the wait - the line is always out the door to the street in the evenings. 

Davis also decided he liked seafood and he ate fish at just about every meal. 

Old Salty Dog did not disappoint with their giant hot dogs - this one was Daryl's with mushrooms, onions, bacon and chili! 

The last two full days of our vacation started off with lots of rain in the mornings and some windy afternoons, so we took the opportunities to sleep in and take long afternoon walks on the beach before heading to the pool. Grandmommy and Granddaddy were able to join us one afternoon for some fun. 

This was our Friday hike to the north point of the key - a little over 5 miles there and back. 

And of course there were naps! Every vacation should come with those! This particular nap involved a little boy whose sleepiness overcame his need to eat dinner. He fell asleep waiting for everyone else to get dressed and ready to go. 

It was SO good to be back to the beach and to relax. Definitely looking forward to heading back again next year! 

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