Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Meet The Teacher Time

Monday night we visited Fruitland Park Elementary to meet the boys' new teachers for the upcoming school year. It was such a nice experience to walk into the hallways and see so many familiar faces among the staff and families! 

Davis will be in first grade with Mrs. Hoppach. He is super excited about heading back to class especially since he has several friends already in this class. And how about this fun fact? There is another little boy named Davis in his class! 

Wesley has two teachers for his 3rd grade class: Mrs Miller and Mrs Quinn. He thought his classroom looked really great and he is glad to have a familiar face in Mrs Quinn, who is from our church. 

Parker spent the morning at Carver Middle School on Monday participating in Camp Carver. That's the 6th grade orientation. Last year he was a participant - this  year because of National Junior Honor Society he was one of the student helpers. He spent time helping kids figure out how to open up their lockers! Then we brought him back in the evening to pick up his class schedule. He has all advanced classes this year, plus Band 2 and Computers. 

School dawns bright and early tomorrow here in Lake County! 

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