Wednesday, June 28, 2017

City Sports Fun

We signed the boys up for a city kickball league for the summer. We've had to miss a few games because of Annual Conference and Vacation Bible School. But the weather has cancelled every other game we could have made in the last three weeks. Forty minutes before the game on Thursday, it started to pour down rain again. But it slowed down and stopped before 6pm. We showed up to a super wet field, so they set up the bases in the outfield and managed to play. 

All three boys played on the same team and they all had fun. Davis, Parker and Wesley all had good kicks and got to score and Wesley got to be the pitcher on a couple of innings. Plus they knew most all of the kids who were playing from church and Scouts. 

Here's hoping we are able to get a few more games in between monsoons before the end of July. 

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