Sunday, April 8, 2018

Fruitland Park Day

Saturday morning dawned bright and early for us. Baba took Wesley to JAG (Junior Athletic Games) at Leesburg High School. And Mama took the other two to be in the annual Fruitland Park Day Parade. Parker played with the school band and Davis was on the church float for VBS. 

We had a team of volunteers from church who were handing out free water and sodas on the corner to people who were showing up for the parade. 

Beckman Street - waiting for the parade to start. On the corner where our church Community Garden will go later this summer. We let the city use the lot for bounce houses this year!

Parade Time!


We took off after the parade was over to see Wesley run at JAG. We returned later after lunch. By then it had rained and a lot of the stuff from the Block Party was done - but the boys got turns in the free laser tag. A great ending to a great day! 

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