Monday, April 9, 2018

JAG Games

Wesley competed for the third year in a row in JAG. He was representing Fruitland Park Elementary in the boys 4th grade 100m event and also in the co-ed 400m relay. 

Ready to go nice and early. 

Baba prayed with all the kids from FPE before the start. 

Wesley came in 2nd place for silver in his individual event! 

And his team came in first place for gold in the 400m relay! He was representing 4th grade and running leg number 3. 

The overall winner of the day was once again FPE! Here they are celebrating with their trophies. Large trophy in the center for the overall event; small blue trophy on the right is for the relay. 

Good job buddy! Proud of Wesley for doing his best today and doing so well. 

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