Sunday, June 24, 2018

5 Years as a Family

We spent Saturday this weekend celebrating at Epcot as a family - my birthday and Davis' birthday and most importantly, Davis' 5 year anniversary of becoming an Allen. Five years ago today we walked into an office building in Guangzhou, China and walked out with our youngest son. 

Parker and I on the Nemo ride. 

Davis goofing off at lunch! 

Hanging out with Grandmommy and Granddaddy. 

 Living with the Land boat ride

We ducked in here to avoid a little bit of rain and they were showing three absolutely adorable little short films. So cute.

A little bit of entertainment and some beautiful gardens in Canada. 

Licking ALL of the sugar off the plate from the funnel cake! 

We caught part of a new music show before the weather forced them to call it off early. Good music!

And of course we spent a lot of time hanging out in the China pavilion. Sometimes it seems surreal that five years ago we had been touring Beijing before going to get Davis. 

Davis loves to chat with all the cast members in China and ask them where they are from and tell them that he is from China too. This cast member was from Hong Kong and she wished Davis a Happy Birthday in Mandarin.

At the Kidcot station, the cast member asked Davis what his Chinese name was and she took the time to write it in Chinese for him on the back of his Duffy Bear souvenir.

An awesome rainbow! 

Gorgeous plants outside the Mexico pavilion. 

We stayed for Illuminations - did you know that fireworks were invented in China? That tidbit was from Davis.

This picture below sums up the transformation of our family. From our hotel room in Guangzhou to yesterday's celebration at Disney. What a difference five years can make! 

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