Sunday, June 3, 2018

A Day on the Lake

I got up and did my devotions with a lake view. So pretty. Wesley came out to spend some time with me as well. 

We decided to finally take the Lake Trail around Fairfield Lake. It starts just down the hill from our condo and goes 3.8 miles all the way around the lake. Fortunately right now the entire trail is open; part of it closes for June-July-August when the private girls summer camp located at the north end of the lake is in session (Camp Merrie-Woode). 

Private docks and canoes from some of the condos that are right on the lake. 

They upgraded the lakefront area this past year and created a nicer beach for the swimming hole. 

This is the start of the Camp Merrie-Woode property. The first part also has the backside of some private homes who have lake access.

Camp Merrie-Woode itself looks like something out of the original Parent Trap movie. It's been open since 1919 and is on the National Historic Register for his original Adirondack style.

We missed one of the turns for the Lake Trail path on the camp property and ended up in a section that is usually private for the camp, with the dining hall, the fire pit and also the base of Fairfield Falls and part of their ropes course. 

Then we figured out our missed turn and continued around the lake. 

We ended up walking beside Fairfield Falls at this point. 

Then we walked over Pressley Pass which goes over the falls. On the left was the upper falls we couldn't see from the ground and then standing over the big dropoff.

Continuing our trek around the lake. 

This ending piece is actually a part of one of the golf courses and you finish the lake trail walking along the road. 

After getting some lunch, we headed back out for the lake, this time to be ON the lake. We rented a paddleboat and one paddle board. Parker and Wesley took turns on the paddle board. They did not forget their skills from last year and had much more fun cruising all around. 

See that second row of brown buildings towards the middle right? That's the row where our condo is.

We got off the lake just as the storm started to hit. They had to call in everyone off the lake for lightning once we were inside the building. Thankful for our good timing!

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