Saturday, June 2, 2018

Schools Out....Summer Vacation Begins

After school was out on Thursday May 24th, we went home and finished packing, loaded the car, ate dinner and then took off north. We made it to Macon by 11pm and stopped for the night. The next day we finished driving up to Sapphire Valley, North Carolina. 

We made one small detour through Juliette, Georgia in the pouring rain to see the Whistle Stop Cafe from the movie Fried Green Tomatoes!!! 

It kept raining on and off as we drove up. We got to Sapphire about 2pm and went straight to our condo, called "The Bear's Nest." This makes the third time that we have visited Sapphire, and the second time we've been here for Memorial Day weekend. There are several different condo neighborhoods and this time we were in a new one - Emerald Crest - that has wonderful views of Fairfield Lake and Bald Rock. We didn't swap through RCI this time, instead we rented through VRBO from the owners directly. The condo is lovely. 

The boys are sharing this bedroom - that has three beds for them! 

Downstairs is the master suite with the laundry room. 

Later as the storm cleared, we could enjoy even more of our view. 

After unloading and unpacking and hanging out for a bit, we headed into nearby Cashiers for dinner and the grocery store. Last year we visited Adair Bros Smokehouse just three weeks after they opened. We were delighted to find that they are still in business and that their food is just as amazing as we remembered.

Mama was worried about finding all of the brands she loves for gluten-dairy-soy free at a new grocery store, but Ingles has the market cornered on tagging gluten free items throughout their store and offering even more of a selection that our Florida grocery stores. It made shopping so easy.

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