Tuesday, August 14, 2018

First Day of School

Monday was the very first day of school here in Lake County. It started early for us. Parker has to be up at 5:45am to catch the bus by 6:15am. School starts at Leesburg High at 7:15am. That's MUCH different than last year when middle school didn't start until 9:20am. Fortunately, the next round of dropoff happens a little bit later. Wesley and Davis don't need to be to school until 8am. 

Everyone seemed to have a good day, well as good as you can have when you have to go back to the routine of school after a summer off! The big two thought that classes were fine and teachers were good. Davis proclaimed his day to be AMAZING! He's been asking to go back to school for the last couple of weeks of summer anyway.

Here's our obligatory first day of school pictures! 

Parker - First Day of High School - 9th grade at Leesburg High

Wesley - First Day of 5th grade - Fruitland Park Elementary 

Davis - First Day of 3rd Grade - Fruitland Park Elementary 

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