Monday, August 20, 2018

Room Renovation

We worked slowly this summer at home on a room renovation - making over Wesley and Davis' shared bedroom into something a little more grownup for them. They needed more drawer space for clothes and also needed desks for homework workspace and a computer. After a lot of shopping at Ikea, they decided on loft beds, with desks and dressers underneath.

We spent a lot of time purging clothes and toys and held an actual garage sale and a virtual one on Facebook to get rid of that stuff as well as the furniture and help fund the new stuff. We finally finished putting everything up on the walls last night and so their room is officially redone now.

The before - how it looked when we moved into the house in 2015. 

And here's the current view. They've switched sides of the room at their request. 
Much more room to store things, find things and actually do things in their room. 

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