Sunday, November 25, 2018

Birthday Fun and Holiday Wrap Up

Yesterday we celebrated November birthdays for Daryl and Wesley. We had a great meal and fun celebrating with family. And we celebrated the famous UF/FSU rivalry game in this house divided (Uncle Daniel and his family are FSU fans). Grandmommy even made jello molds in the special team colors for lunch! 

Wesley got a lot of Amazon gift cards, candy and a Fornite t-shirt. He came home last night and bought a hoverboard with his gift cards! 

Daryl got a lot of Amazon gift cards and candy too! The kids tried to sneak off with his candy, but we caught them. 

After lunch we hung out, napped, watched UF beat FSU, played some sports (the kids were throwing the basketball and the football in the hoop from the back of the truck).

Also some old friends came over to hang out - it's been almost 30 years since Judy Hansen and her daughter Buffy Hansen had last seen Joyce, Daniel and Daryl.  They all enjoyed reconnecting. 

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