Monday, March 25, 2019

Spring Vacation Part Three - Grand Turk

Tuesday morning we pulled into the island of Grand Turk in the British West Indies. 

We visited Grand Turk with the big boys on their first cruise back in 2012 and did a big all-around-the-island tour that time. This time we decided to let the big boys have a bit more fun - we went to Margaritaville for the Flow Rider Experience. Daryl, Parker and Wesley got 90 minutes to do bodyboards and surfing in this contained environment. Davis swam in the pool and I was the official family photographer/videographer. 

Bodyboards - Parker (videos and pictures) 

Bodyboards - Wesley (videos and pictures) 

Bodyboards - Daryl (videos and pictures) 

Someone got tired of swimming and in between watching the family on the Flow Rider, decided to take a nap.

Surfboards - Parker (videos and pictures) 

Surfboards - Wesley (videos and pictures) 

Surfboards - Daryl (video and picture) 

And look who got his picture taken by the roving Carnival photographers in port! 

We did a little shopping and sightseeing before getting back on board the ship. The guys went to lunch and I took a nap!

Dinner was lovely later and then the boys and I played putt-putt up on top of the ship. Wesley even took a video of me attempting to play.

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