Sunday, March 24, 2019

Spring Break Vacation Part Two - Dominican Republic

Monday morning was our stop in the Dominican Republic, a new country for all of us. It was beautiful to look out at the island as we came into port. We ordered breakfast to be delivered to our room and we ate out on the balcony. 

We met our excursion guide in port and boarded one of these cool vehicles for a ride about 30 minutes away to the Mega Adventures ranch in Imbert.

This main building here had bathrooms and a beautiful porch where we would eat lunch later. All around it was a luscious garden that we got a tour of first.

Then it was time for zip lining! We did 7 great long fast zips through the countryside. While Davis is geared up in one of the pictures, he decided not to zip after getting to the first platform. He hung out with the staff in the main building while the rest of us zipped. The staff took great pictures and gave them to us on a flash drive at the end of our tour.

After zipping we were reunited with Davis for our water break and then we went over to do some horseback riding! It's been more than 20 years since Daryl and I have been on horses and other than ponies at the fair, the boys have never been either. Everyone loved this portion! 

Back to the main building it was time for the lovely buffet lunch. Davis decided to eat with the tour guide, Papa Alex. Even one of the peacocks tried to get in on the lunch! 

A few scenes from our drive back to the port. In many ways, the Dominican Republic reminded us of our time in Cuba.

We did some shopping in port before getting back on board. We got a couple of pictures of more of the island's natural beauty as we left port.

Dinnertime was awesome as usual. This night Viktoriya had arranged for me to have mashed potatoes done in almond milk and receive something besides lime sherbet for dessert - she had the chef make me baked apples with allergy friendly crumble.

Davis did the conga line around the dining room with the wait staff and other guests. 

This was Wesley's favorite show night - Hasbro the Game Show onboard! Then later while Wesley hung out in the hot tub, Davis and I played corn hole. 

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