Sunday, June 30, 2019

Happy Birthday Mama and Davis!

Sunday afternoon we celebrated my birthday and Davis' birthday with the family from Tampa at our house. Davis had requested a special orange spider cake and Grandmommy made this awesome creation! Someone was so, so happy to celebrate his 9th Birthday! 

Uncle Kelly and Uncle Nam gave his some cash to spend on whatever he wants. Uncle David and Aunt Barbara couldn't come but they sent this awesome Superman watch.  

Grandmommy got Davis new Nike shoes! 

Uncle Daniel, Aunt Dawn and the cousins got Davis these awesome new games! 

And Mama, Baba and the boys got Davis a new big boy bike! Many thanks to Uncle Daniel for putting the thing together.

Mama the allergy girl got her special ice cream and a candle to celebrate! Her Disney dress is on its way and Baba gave her bike a tuneup - which is what I had asked for my birthday before I broke my foot! The bike is all ready for me as soon as I am! 

The birthday boy with family! 

And the birthday people! 

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