Sunday, March 29, 2020

Floor Remodel

When the water heater died, it caused bubbling in all of the laminate flooring we had out in the living room, the foyer and the back dining room. Problem was the flooring was continuous not only in those spaces but out to the front dining room and also Parker's bedroom and a hallway. The trustees approved it all coming out and being replaced and let us pick what we wanted as a replacement. 

On the weekend of Parker's Eagle Scout project, Daniel and his family along with Joey and CJ helped us tear out the old floor. Then we shopped for new flooring. We decided on Cherry Walnut Vinyl plank and Daniel picked it up from the Floor and Decor store in Brandon and brought it up last weekend to start installing it. His family spent all day Saturday and Sunday working hard and came back this weekend to spend all day Saturday and finish. He also taught our boys how to install floor. We are so thankful for Daniel, Dawn, Kayla and Bethany coming up to help out and donating their labor to the church in this situation! 

Old Floor 

Floor Installation 

All Finished!! 

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