Monday, March 30, 2020

Happy 16th Birthday, Parker!

Sunday was Parker's 16th Birthday! We cancelled the large family birthday party with the great-aunts and great-uncles who were supposed to come up and celebrate. Instead since Daniel's crew was here to finish installing the floor, we had fajitas for dinner and a birthday cake and a few presents. 

Last gift of the day was outside. It was a promise fulfilled - if Parker completed his Eagle Scout Project before his 16th birthday we would take car of his first car. He thought we traded in the Equinox a month ago when I got a new car and he was so super sad for days. He was definitely surprised to see it come back home.

Thanks to Eric and Robin Gerstemeier for letting us hide the Equinox behind 
their tax office for the last month! 

We know this birthday isn't quite what Parker really envisioned, especially since his DMV appointment for his driver's license got cancelled for this week. But he's rolled with everything so well. We're so blessed by this young man in our lives. 

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