Monday, March 23, 2020

Spring Break Camping

For Spring Break we had planned a delightful low-key week of camping in the woods with friends: the Landstedts and Hills.  That meant there were 15 of us and one dog on two big campsites: 6 adults and 9 kids ranging in age from 3-15. We went to Gilchrist Blue Spring State Park on the Sante Fe River outside of High Springs (northwest of Gainesville). We still managed to get away and enjoy the time in the woods, although we had to work a little bit remotely to keep communication with the church with the pandemic. 

We had lots of fun hanging out in our campsites and we went swimming in the springs a couple of times a day. One afternoon eight of us went canoeing and kayaking and a couple of different times we went hiking the wooded trail that led past several other small springs. There were lots of great meals and great campfires too! 

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