Sunday, July 19, 2020

Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive

On Saturday we drove down to the north shore of Lake Apopka to go through the Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive. Most of the north shore of the Lake is protected lands and includes hiking trails, biking trails and equestrian trails. This particular section though is for cars only to drive through on the weekends. All total it is an 11 mile drive - although because you have to choose a couple of paths and can't loop back around, you can only really do 9 miles in one trip. There is an audio tour you can follow on the website as you drive through. You can only go a max of 10 mph and depending on the traffic it can take between 1.5-2 hours to drive through. We rolled our windows down so we could smell the water and hear the birds. It was beautiful. Tons of birds out and we saw turtles and lots of alligators as well. 

This turtle crossed the road right in front of us. 

This bird was feasting on a fish he had caught. 

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