Sunday, September 20, 2020

Annual Conference Online

Annual Conference 2020 was virtual online instead of being in Lakeland this year. Saturday morning, CJ and Amy came over to our house so we could do conference together. Daryl projected the image from his laptop up on the TV so we could watch, and then we all voted from our own computers/phones. The kids all got to play which was nice and they were entertained by the new dog. 

I made a new recipe called Cowboy Stew for lunch in the crockpot that was a big hit and then CJ made grilled peaches with cinnamon, honey and brown sugar for dessert. 

Bella is still super jealous of the new dog, so she concentrated all of her attention on the Hill family. 

It was so weird and different not to have the crowd of people, but we made the best of it hanging out with the Hills. Another interesting thing about 2020. 

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