Sunday, September 6, 2020

School Update

 So according to the calendar, we've made it officially through two weeks of school. Thought I'd give a little update on how things have been going. 

Parker and Davis were able to start school on the first day, August 24th. Wesley was still waiting on his login information for his online school account and couldn't start, so he got a few extra days of waking up late and playing video games. Partway through the week, we got word from Lake County Virtual School that due to a delay in getting online accounts set up, the  assignments due by the end of the first week, would be due at the end of the second week. There is a lot of flex time built into the Virtual School schedule. Parker and Davis had almost everything done by the end of the first week and just finished up a few things in the second week.

Parker has not had to do any Zoom lessons yet. He is working only on four classes right now - Honors Probability and Statistics, Honors Chemistry, Introduction to Law and Spanish 2. Intro to Law is usually a semester long class he will finish in 9 weeks; the other three are year long classes he will finish by the end of semester one around Christmas. 

Davis has had two gatherings with his 5th grade class online. In addition to our church friend Shya, he also has two friends, Paul and Gigi, who were his besties in different grades at Fruitland Park Elementary. He has one of his teachers from last year too (Mrs Frates) teaching Language Arts and Social Studies. 

Wesley did not get his login information for school until late Wednesday afternoon of the second week. Then we had some trouble actually logging him and finally were able to get him set up on Thursday and print out all his pacing guides for classes. On Friday we worked on catching him up in Math and Social Studies. On Saturday we caught him up in Language Arts and PE. Today we will get him caught up in Science and also his Digital Information Technology elective. 

Whew! It's different for sure. Parker is working on his own pretty much unless he has a question. Davis sits with Debbie for a couple of hours in whatever part of the day they can fit in schoolwork right now depending on her schedule. And this week we'll figure out how to work Wesley into all of that at the same time. The flexibility is really very very helpful - we can do school first thing in the morning, or the afternoon or even after dinner. 

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