Monday, September 28, 2020

Tribe Time

 We've spent the quarantine of the last six months with two other families. We've all been super careful about where we've been and who and how we interact with others. It's the Landstedts and the Hills that we work with and who we were camping with when the pandemic hit in March. 

This weekend they all came over to watch the Gator game on Saturday and then I made spaghetti for everyone for dinner. Davis went home with the Hills for a sleepover and when I picked him up on Sunday afternoon, we actually took their son Tim with us to Venetian Gardens in Leesburg to go walking with the dogs. Fun time! We saw two gators while we were out. 

This gator was about 4 feet long in the shallow water. 

We found all of these large empty snail shells on the shoreline. Say that three times fast! 

Gator fun - this was the big one at about 8 feet. 

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