Saturday, October 10, 2020

Kayaking Adventure

When we lived in Ocala we used to love to go to the Silver Springs Park and Wild Waters Waterpark in Northeast Ocala. I ran my first 5k there. The boys went on school field trips there all the time. Four years into living there, Silver Springs closed and changed into a state park. We went back for a field trip with Davis but it was so different than before - no more animal exhibits, hardly any stores, no food vendors.  

On Friday Daryl and I went up to Silver Springs to go kayaking. Their boat launch is on the south edge of the main parking lot and after a short trip we went into the headwaters of Silver Springs where the glass bottom boats still dock. Then we traveled about 30 minutes south on the Silver River before turning around and heading back. The water so clear and there was so much wildlife - tons of birds, turtles, fish and even a few gators sunning themselves on the side. It was cool to be back in a place where we had so many good memories with the boys and even though it rained, it was still by far the best kayaking trip we had been on recently. We will definitely be back. 

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