Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Isolating in the Mountains - Day Four

 We stopped by our favorite store in Cashiers - the dog treat store, otherwise known as "Woof Gang Bakery" and picked up treats for Bella, Caspian and Tim's dog River. 

Then we went off to find a new-to-us waterfall - Narrows Falls. This is one smack in the middle of a neighborhood within the Sapphire Resort. We followed a dirt road for almost a mile and then parked to walk the last half mile. Apparently lots of people try to swim at this one and the rock face makes it super dangerous so there were warning signs everywhere. It was a beautiful spot with a cool "hidden" fall back up around the corner to the right. 

The bottom part of the falls. 

And there's the waterfall. It was loud! 

Climbing around the rock face. 

Some more time on the recreation field - basketball! 

Dinner came as takeout from one of our faves - Mica's Restaurant and Pub right behind the rec field. Super delicious rainbow trout for Mama, chicken parmigiana for Parker, steak quesadilla for Wesley and lots of BBQ wings for Davis and Tim. 

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