Thursday, December 31, 2020

Staycation Part Three

We took the opportunity to take the boys over to Cape Canaveral to tour the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex while on our staycation. It has been 10 years since we last were there and things look very different. They've remodeled and added on since then, but of course with Covid19 there were other things that we weren't able to do (like the bus tour out to the Vehicle Assembly Building). Still it was a good day and the boys were super fascinated by the building dedicated to the shuttle Atlantis. It was very impressive to see up close. Davis in particular was completely enthralled with being able to visit the space center for the very first time. 

There was a whole display with a replica of the Hubble telescope. 

The memorial to astronauts who have died in space. 

They've moved the Astronaut Hall of Fame from its old Space Camp location further up the road onto the KSC property now. 

We recreated a picture from 10 years ago. The boys are SO tall now! 
And then we added in the third child as well. 

Davis' souvenir - a stuffed Atlantis shuttle. We also got treats to try at home (freeze dried ice cream sandwiches and freeze dried strawberries). Yum! 

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