Monday, March 1, 2021

Another Procedure

Last Friday, Davis had a nasal endoscopy. His maxillofacial surgeon did the procedure in the pediatric specialities building (across the street and down two blocks from his regular office). Kathleen the speech therapist was there (she did Davis' speech evaluation last year) and a couple of technicians too. 


They numbed his nose with a spray and chatted him up while they waited. Davis did great with the whole procedure. They specifically had him say certain sounds while the camera was in the back of his throat so that they could see how his soft palate closes when he talks. 

Fortunately, Davis' soft palate closes correctly most of the time. It is a little inconsistent in that it doesn't always close 100%, and its not just one certain sound that it fails on. The good news is that this does not require a major palate surgery (p-flap) but the doctor would like to bulk up his palate a little bit. So Davis will have his fistula repaired at some point this spring and when they do that they will take fat from his body somewhere and inject it into his soft palate at the same time. One night in the hospital for the surgery and then soft foods for a month. He already has a dental surgery under anesthesia scheduled for the Thursday after Easter (April 8). 

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