Friday, March 19, 2021

Spring Break Part Four

It rained all Wednesday night and most of Thursday morning and 
then the sun shone and the sky was clear and bright. Davis and I took off to explore
 holes 3 and 4 of the golf course and walked a mile up and down hills to do it. 

After a snack for lunch, I spent some time reading on the back porch. 

Then about 3pm we all headed over to Fairfield Lake to walk the 3 mile loop trail around the lake. Since the girls camp is not in session (May-August only), we were able to go the entire way around and see Fairfield Falls on the Camp Merrie-Woode property. The entire back half of the trail along the camp property was soggy - parts of the trail were a stream and other parts were standing water 6-7 inches deep. We made it though with some creative climbing on the sides of the trail! 

This is the "waterfall" on hole 13 of the golf course at the southeastern part of Fairfield Lake - it's created by the runoff from the lake. 

Upper Falls of Fairfield Falls from the bridge. 

Looking down from the bridge. 

The actual Fairfield Falls. 

We got takeout from Cashiers Valley Smokehouse for dinner and then later I went out to explore more of the golf course on the cart trails - I walked another 1.5 miles. 

I found a pair of Canadian geese and also a deer! 

It's been a lovely vacation. Sad to drive home on Friday. 


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