Saturday, April 10, 2021

More Surgery

Davis had more dental surgery on Thursday up in Ocala with Dr. Ron under anesthesia. His original time was 1:15pm, which meant no eating after he woke up and no more liquids after 9am. Then they pushed his start time back to 2pm. We arrived at 1:45pm and they didn't start operating until almost 3pm. He was SO hangry! We had to play around trying to keep him distracted until they were ready. 

Surgery lasted 2 hours. He had one extraction, two crowns put in and four fillings done (two major, two minor). He woke up really agitated and in pain this time and very disoriented. I was able to carry him to the car where he slept most of the way home. At home he woke up fine and was able to eat his Frosty and Chik-fila soup and downed a whole bottle of water. He opened up a present from Grandmommy too - a Lightning beanie baby! 

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