Monday, May 31, 2021

Memorial Day Weekend

Usually we are in North Carolina for Memorial Day Weekend, but not this year. This weekend involved me writing three more term papers (16 pages) for my June DMin classes! In between that, we managed to squeeze in some fun. 

Daryl spent hours fixing all of our bikes on Saturday - four of them needed new tires and all of them needed cleaned and brake adjustments. We went for a three mile ride in the evening around town which was nice. When we got back we cooled off in our new inflatable pool. 

Sunday I preached and we recognized 6 high school graduates in worship (three were in attendance with our youth minister Bree).  Then that evening a bunch of the famlilies from children and youth ministry went out to Lake Okahumpka County Park for an end of school year bash and to recognize our graduates. 

Monday morning involved gardening before things got too hot and the kids trying to cool off with the dog. 


Wildflower seeds for the bees are planted in the brown planter

This bed has summer squash and bell peppers planted now

Moved around some of the tomatoes and planted watermelon and sunflowers

Transplanted all of the peppers into clay pots: jalapeƱo, cubanelle and poblanos

Monday night's dinner was a new one - sloppy joe recipe that I can eat and cauliflower hashbrowns. Daryl set up the big umbrella outside so we could eat on the back porch. 

We finished up the weekend playing kickball with the tribe at Veterans Park in town (we rode our bikes there!). Kids vs adults at first, which wasn't too fair, so we mixed up teams and played some more. 

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