Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Trip to the Hospital

On Monday Davis had his next surgery - #8. This one was two procedures to hopefully help with speech improvement. First was to take fat from his thigh to insert into his soft palate to help bulk it up and get it to close more consistently. The second was to close the fistula (hole) in the roof of his mouth that goes up to his left nostril. 

Davis surprised all the people in pre-op. He knew he wanted the IV for anesthesia and not the face mask. He diligently watched them put it in, commenting about which arm and vein to use and helping smooth the tape over it. They were clearly not used to kids who have done this before. 

Surgery took less time than they thought - 2 hours instead of 3. They moved him pretty fast from recovery up to his room on the 5th floor. This was him over me taking pictures when we got there. 

After we ordered dinner for him, he wanted to go for a walk around the pediatric unit. He loved all the Disney movie character stickers they've added since we were here two year ago. And the huge mural at the entrance to the unit. 

Dinner was a sampling of pureed foods - chicken noodle soup, carrots and macaroni and cheese plus chocolate ice cream. 

He did great overnight and they released us to go home around 10:30am on Tuesday. 

We got him all set up on the couch to recuperate when we got home. The older brothers are both off at camp at Warren Willis, so Davis has us all to himself this week. 

Someone fell asleep on my shoulder last night while snuggling. 


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