Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Beach Vacation Part Two

Monday morning we got up early and had the pool to ourselves for a couple of hours which was wonderful (it's packed in the afternoons with families who don't want to hang out on the beach with smelly dead fish).  

Another sunset walk. 

Tuesday morning it was rainy and overcast. Daryl and I hit the beach in the morning for a walk and went south to the Point of Rocks. This took us past where we used to stay years ago - Sea Castle - that is now a Hilton timeshare. Then we moved next door to Crescent Towers for a few years. And we were floored to see that Crescent Towers has been demolished too - they're building luxury condo residences there now. 

While most of the walk was better in terms of water quality and dead fish, the point was worse with dead fish and dark water - seems it gets stuck in the cove there. 

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