Monday, August 2, 2021

Beach Vacation

We arrived on time on Saturday to Crescent Arms for checkin - out 6th year in this condo high rise and our third year being beachfront. 

Unfortunately red tide is here too. Its' fine from our patio but the water is brown and there are dead fish all along the shore. This was our sunset walk last night - gorgeous sunset AND dead fish with flies on them everywhere. 

We won't be swimming in the Gulf this week. And probably not spending much time on the sand either. Thankfully it doesn't have a bad smell unless you are right on the shore and it doesn't burn your eyes. This makes us super grateful for the beachfront porch running the entire length of our unit. We can sit out and see the water, hear the waves and feel the warm breeze without having to get into all of that other stuff. 

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