Saturday, November 27, 2021

Thanksgiving Vacation Part Three

Actual Thanksgiving Day - I spent the morning in the apartment kitchen at Grandmommy's cooking up allergy safe stuffing, potatoes, gravy and a cabbage dish for me. Aunt Barbara brought green beans I could eat and Grandmommy made the turkey. 

I bought a small individual pumpkin pie from the allergy safe bakery at Disney 
and brought it with me for dessert. 

After lunch it was time to celebrate our November birthdays - Wesley turns 14 on Sunday the 28th and Daryl turns 48 on Monday the 29th. Wesley asked for a Buccaneer cake for his birthday and he got one! Grandmommy also found some really cool - and BIG - flaming candles for the birthday boys. 

Before everyone left we got some family pictures to mark the day. 

And Uncle Daniel got in on some basketball action with Bethany and the boys. 

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